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Splatter Ball Gun, Rechargeable Electric Automatic Gel Ball Blaster and Blaster Gun, with 40,000 Splatter Ball Gun Ammo and Goggles,a kind of Splat Gun or Splat Ball Gun, Water Guns for Adults and 12+

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Splatter Ball Upgraded MP9 Model Full Battle Kit include:

1 * MP9 water bullet gun

1 * 7.5V rechargeable battery

1 * Gravity main magazine

1 * Spare magazine

1 * Goggles

1 * USB cable

1 * Operation and Battery parameter manual

40000 * Gel water balls

Accessories Pack Include:

40,000 starch-based gel beads ammo

Our gel balls are clean, non-irritating, and green, making your gel ball blaster fun without any pain, stain or extra cleanup! Ammo quickly grows into 7-8 mm gel for only 2 hours soak in water.

Main magazine

This high-performance water gel ball blaster is rechargeable and electric automatic. The main magazine holds up to 600 PCS water beads.

Easy-load Spare magazine

Have an easy load water bead spare magazine available for quick loading! Just place it on the magazine opening and pour your water beads to load your mag! Spare magazine holds up to 1000 PCS water beads.

Powerful battery with USB cable

Safety regulation certified fast charging USB cable. This splatter ball gun uses a rechargeable battery.

Safety switch button is designed

A SAFETY button is designed, which can be pressed during competition, rapid movement and equipment inspection to have a more professional experience. Does not file when Safety button is on!

Protective Googles

Our package includes protective googles. Always wear it when using the water bead blaster!

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