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Warranty Policy



We offer a warranty period of 30 days on our products, starting from the day we receive the order (counted from the delivery date shown on the tracking page).

Should your item become faulty or appear to have a defect within this period, please contact us by emailing


Should you receive a damaged item, please let us know within 2 days after delivery (counted from the delivery date shown on the tracking page).

If you contacted us after this period, we would be sorry to inform you that we can no longer offer warranty service for the damaged item.


What is NOT covered by warranty:

  • Improper usage, storage, or handling of the item
  • Using the item in a way that it was not designed for
  • Damage caused by impact, shock, sand/dust/dirt, dampness, leaking batteries, fire, theft, attempted theft, vandalism, corrosion, frost, flooding, earthquakes, lightning, or other adverse weather conditions
  • Any accidental or malicious damage


In the rare case that a product becomes faulty or a buyer receives a product with defects, buyers are entitled to request for a product replacement within 60 days of receiving the item.

To request a replacement, buyers are required to provide photo/video evidence of the product's manufacturing defects via email at


Your request should also include the following information: 

  • Your order number (ordering time”)
  • The name and email address used to place the order


If the case is deemed valid, we will cover the related cost to deliver a replacement!